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Best Web Browser for a Slow PC

Thursday July 12th, 2012 - 9:39 AM
There are many old computers out there, some developers leave them behind, but some continue developing, allowing users of old computers to surf the web with speed.
This is one of the most common questions computer experts get from their peers. Internet Explorer, although improved over the past few years is still by far the slowest browser to run on a computer. Even on top of the range computers, the performance and features is severely lacking. Today I am going to explain which browser will best suit your needs and which wont.

Bear in mind if your computer wasn't always as slow as it was today, you can run a scan and fix on your system and gain back the lost speed. Click the button to the left to download and have your system scanned for problems causing it to run slower. Computers don't get slower with age, they get slower with problems which build up with age. Back to the browsers:

Mozilla Firefox was one of the first browsers to take major market share away from Internet Explorer, if it weren't for Mozilla I believe the web wouldn't be as featured as it is today. Mozilla took browsers from being able to just visit simple websites to be able to integrate the things you take for granted today (eg facebook notifications, chat, games, videos etc) without needing to manually refresh the page. Google Instant? Twitter? Pinterest? No, wouldn't be here either. If nobody came along to compete with Microsoft as Mozilla did, web pages would be static, nasty looking, featureless pages with basic functionality. Anyway, Thank you Mozilla, the web owes you a great deal.

Now down to a list of browsers and the pro's and con's running on a slow computer:

Mozilla Firefox - Download Now

Mozilla Firefox has a terrible reputation for taking massive amounts of memory and CPU to run, this was true years ago however for the past 18 months or so Firefox has improved greatly and no longer uses many resources. Firefox has a slightly higher memory footprint than some other browsers if you have many tabs open, but Firefox is by far the most customizable. If you want a quick browser but want to customize with many addons, Firefox is your solution. If you are just going for speed (as well as nice looking webpages, carry on reading.

Google Chrome - Download Now

Google Chrome, some industry experts claim, is now the most used browser on the planet. It has claimed a significant market share despite being the most recent major browser released. Chrome is, in my experience, the fastest web browser out there, very easy to use and designed to look good. Chrome has many addons available, however I just feel the same ability of customization with addons isn't available as with Firefox. If what your after is a speedy browser that will run quick on any computer, chrome is your answer.

Google Chrome - Download Now

Opera is one of the longest running browsers out there, it was always competition to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, however for reasons unknown to me and the tech community, Opera failed to gain any significant market share on desktop computers. Opera is a speedy, lightweight browser that will run on most computers regardless of specifications, however I feel opera is just behind Google's Chrome, but if Privacy, speed and performance is what your after, go with Opera.
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