SpeedyPC Pro : Review

The Pro's and Con's of Speedy PC Pro

SpeedyPC Pro is a downloadable software application which scans your computer for errors, malware, keyloggers, banking trojans, adware, unwanted browser addons and more. Once the errors are found you can click a Fix All button and have all problems detected with your computer repaired, increasing its speed and performance. How does it perform though?


  • Very Small Footprint - SpeedyPC Pro takes up less than 20MB of Hard Drive Space.
  • Quick Scanning Engine - Our computer was scanned and errors listed within minutes.
  • Detects Malware - Saved me needing to purchase and install malware detection software.

SpeedyPC Pro was Downloaded and Installed within minutes. The software was very simple to use, just click and scan and within minutes the software lists errors, malware and problems found on your PC. Fixing them is simple, you click the "Fix All" button.


I could not find any problems. The software performed much better than I had anticipated. I cant think of any criticisms.

If any problems occur later on or in future versions I will update this page. Had a problem? contact me and I can look into putting it here.

Click the Download Now button below to Download SpeedyPC Pro and Speed Up Your Computer.

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SpeedyPC Pro will:

SpeedyPC Pro scans and cleans computers using these operating systems: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows XP 32-bit.

Minimum Requirements: Internet connection, 20 MB free hard disk space, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, logged on as administrator

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